Thursday, 22 June 2017

Pushing myself to be better

So I recently took part in an event and after chatting to a friend, I was inspired to push myself around the course and really give every obstacle a go. I did a lot of events in 2016 and either through the shoes I was wearing being utter garbage, or not feeling it, I skipped past a whole bunch of obstacles, I know that the mantra is about it being a personal challenge, I really slacked off the challenge part.

Not really facing up to pushing myself, I coasted through events, reasoning with myself that I couldn't do whichever one I was at for a variety of reasons, though some were for safety like seeing hero walls covered in mud, which made it look really unsafe, which in previous years I would have just gone for it but I erred on the side of caution.

After getting into blockness monster at the beginning of the year and it being so cold I injured my foot simply by walking, which meant after I found a medical blanket I wore that for the rest of the course and bypassed basically any obstacle that had height or water in it, they had no legionnaire headbands left at the end but I can consider that I didn't deserve one for how badly I had done, just barely getting round the course.

So after having a long chat about always bringing something positive to an event, I went out on the Saturday and pushed myself through every obstacle, I did bypass kong but that was due to being pulled from pyramid scheme and causing some pain in my arm, which meant kong would have been painful to do.

After feeling good that I had pushed myself through everything, I went out the next day and gave everything another go, even kong, which was a tricky one to do, so managed two of the five rings. I came away from this event feeling good about myself and had a desire to make myself a better entrant, Helping more people get over obstacles or offering advice to first timers, unsure of how to tackle something.

So from now on I'll be pushing myself more, to make myself a better entrant to events.