Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Toughest Mudder

So late last year, Tough Mudder sent out a survey asking questions about finishers feelings on an event that was bigger than a regular Tough Mudder but not as big as World's Toughest. So I filled it in thinking nothing of it and going about my business, then in October last year, they unveiled Toughest Mudder, an 8 hour overnight event, that would take place at Belvoir castle in May one week after the start of the season.

Without hesitation I signed up, which meant I saved on the tax or administration fees, so my ticket was reasonably cheap, possibly in the same price range as my first event. I was looking forward to this, although 8 hours overnight will likely mean a wetsuit, for the entire event, which should be interesting to run in. They released a few scant pieces of info over the time between then and now. A new blog post has just gone up, detailing info about this year's World's Toughest, with changes to the bibs and other assorted changes but they also included info about Toughest events and the talk of patches and being a prize money contender for 25+ mile finishers, special headbands and bibs for finishers, I'm now looking forward to this even more than I was previously.

I think the new obstacles they release each year are one of the reasons I keep going back to take part in events, plus the community is always pretty cool, the team at TM always come up with novel ways to get people talking about the upcoming events. So come May I'll be doing up my shoes and trying to get round each lap in a good time as I'm after that 25 mole finisher patch.

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