Friday, 27 November 2015

Tough Mudder 22 - South West

I woke up early as the ground was hard and I had a need for the toilet, then John, Sharon and Paul headed off to check in to volunteering, Chloe and Neil were over there already. Has some spaghetti bolognese for breakfast and then the banana malt loaf I was going to have between laps on the Saturday.  I headed over to the main arena to meet the others and found them beside the bag drop. Liam, Jane, Jess, Ryan and Abby were there with spectators, we waited for Stuart was staying off site, Tom who I normally run with was taking part with another group on an early wave.
Stuart arrived and we got to the warm up area, it was a lot colder than the day before, so much so that I could see my breath which is never a good sign temperature wise. Bobby had Stuart and I up on stage to tell the crowd how many event we'd done, then got the crowd together so we could have a crowd surf race, having never crowd surfed before this was an amazing feeling. We did the warm up and headed for the start, there was someone new taking the mic for the start line chat.
We headed off and there was a slight bottleneck at the first wooded area but nothing too bad, we were making good time and making good time especially given the rains had came down last night and the course was muddy. There was no photographer at Arctic enema which is really disappointing for the first timers. I has no gloves on again but this time only managed a couple of rungs on funky monkey. Hero walls were even worse than the day before and a group of people headed off to the right after hero walls and ended up missing part of the course. I decided to switch my trainers for my trail shoes which helped at liberator.
When we got to the mystery obstacle prairie dog, which was great fun, you climbed over hay bales then ran round and went under the hay bales, after going through cry baby and before heading under prairie dog we were directed back down the course, as it was proving to be a bit dangerous and slippery, thankfully it only missed part of the course and by the time we reached skidmarked there was a big queue which wasn't good as the wind was really cold, I only had my vest too on but the others were also saying it was quite cold. Jess got to the top of skidmarked and didn't want to fall backwards but she managed to overcome her fear and stood up before jumping into the water, which is what the event is all about. I was starting to get colder and colder so that I decided to carefully walk down a slightly muddy hill that others were trying to slide down and I skipped quagmire which was proving hard for people to get out of. As we were walking up to Everest I noticed that my hands were starting to go blue and seeing the queue I decided I would give it a miss and waited for the others. I wasn't feeling up to anything more than simply getting over the finish line.
Another double lap weekend with yet more bizarre weather that was awful on the Sunday but a good group to run with.