Saturday, 25 July 2015

Scotland - Tough Mudder 18

As I sat in the tent with the rain coming down I felt a bit down about the weather and the fact my clothes were still damp so would be cold to wear whilst waiting around for the others. I got hold of a large clear bin liner which seemed to help a little bit. Stuart rolled up to the legionnaire checkin and soon after Charlene arrived, we waited a while for our last team member but they didn't show up so we headed for the warm up area. I discarded the bin liner and wished now that I hadn't as I started to get colder and colder and was a hair breadth away from quitting but I stayed in the warmup area and actually did the warm up which really helped me and I decided to run.

We set off and saw people further up with crosses about their heads and when we made it round the first bend saw someone lying on the ground being tended to by the medical staff, they had their knee bandaged up which didn't bode well, especially as we hadn't hit any obstacles. We got through the relatively dry kiss of mud and headed onto skidmarked, where we picked up Karin who had been abandoned by her team, then we hit arctic enema, which I only did once this time,then onto killa gorilla which I ran up each hill at a sprint which was great fun, cry baby had the same effect as the Saturday and was like choking on a direct to the back of the throat menthol spray.

Stuart is amazingly strong, he just lifted me by both legs and hoisted my up the first hero wall, which made it so much easier than it usually is, then onto the bale bonds which were just as much fun the second time around. Birth canal seemed harder on the second day than the first and some welcome 9 bar bites at the water station before hitting the hill and up pyramid scheme. I took longer to get into the water for sewer rat as I was starting to feel the cold, the Friends of the Filth tops aren't as quick drying as I thought they might be, so it might be time for a rethink, on the choice of top for next year. The deep mud was cordenned off at swamp stomp after the bottleneck of the day before, hero carry was pretty easy and the liberator was quite frightening as it was covered in mud and i had the fear of falling off as I'd heard someone had done just that.

Hold you wood was a noce jaunt around the lake and I got held up at mud mile waiting for an ambulance land rover to turn around, I didn't help as many people on mud mile as the cold was starting to get the better of me, before hitting funky monkey and realising the gloves I had on are no good compared to the ones I'd been using for the previous events until they were too worn to wear anymore, so into the water went I.  Back over mud mile which had people running t get up the first mud pile, then a shivering walk through to devils beard and the second hero walls, we left Stuart to help people over and he caught up at balls to the wall, a slick rope meant I climbed it rather than backwards abseiled.  Quagmire was pretty meh and the replacement for cliffhanger was reasonably fun. I ran full tilt towards everest and slipped managing to smash my knee, so I skipped it and hobbled towards king of swingers where I managed to not swing backwards this time.

Stuart and I chatted to to Gil at the end, who mentioned the 25x headbands were on their way over from the States, which I'm looking forward to receiving by the end of the year, we both decided to give electrochock a miss. So an end to a somewhat cold but still a good course.