Thursday, 14 May 2015

Tough Mudder 13

After another night where I was cold this time due to the sleeping bag thankfully the foam padding I had borrowed worked to keep me warmer, I got up around 7am, luckily I didn't have to get over to collect my numbers. I had a wander over to the volunteer tent to get myself some breakfast, then gave a bit more help to get people registered and onto the campsite.

I messaged the others and then headed to the main event arena and first met Martyn and then Andrea L, who had the t-shirts, then shortly afterwards Merete, Andrea A, Debbie, Araba and Binh turned up, I stashed my gear back in my tent then made my way back to the main arena, then we got into the warm up area and then up to the start area. We did the whole pledge and safety instructions and set off.

The course was really dusty which wasn't pleasant and I hoped that it might rain a bit to give us some mud for the next day. We approached Skidmarked which was like the hangover walls from last year, then Andrea started having problems with her knee so was running through the pain but kept having to slow down and walk, I waited and walk/ran between the obstacles, the others were waiting at the each of the obstacles so we wouldn't get too seperated. The course was quite hilly from the off and soon we hit Arctic enema 2.0 which I thought had a barrier to climb over in the middle of the ice, they seem to have revised it so you duck under the tires again like last year, probably as people were having issues getting over the barrier, it was still really cold sliding into the ice. Up another bit of hill till we hit Birth canal, which was really difficult as the water built up towards the end of the obstacle, I ended up using the sides to squeeze myself through, then up another hill and over to the Bale bonds and then the quadmire and up another hill till we hit the Hero carry, Andrea was really suffering through the pain and refusing to give up, the air temperature we cold so all the water obstacles were unpleasant, so when I exited Sewer rat into a few inches of freezing water on my back I wasn't having much fun.

Back through the forest and down to Cry baby which was like a massive dose of menthol, it wasn't too unpleasant, then a bit more of a hill climb till we reached Pyramid scheme, where I got up to the top and helped the others but as they pushed down on my legs the edge of the wood was digging into just under my knees which was incredibly painful. We climbed a bit more and passed what looked like Haha ditch which wasn't being used, for some reason, then onto Kiss of mud 2.0 which was quite dry so they started watering it, with freezing water again. We hit The liberator which was hard going but fun and then Mud mile 2.0  which was good fun and quite muddy.

We finally hit Hold your wood, which Martyn and I took a telegraph pole round the course, then a bit more forrest and then King of the swingers, which I was really looking forward to, I asked how cold it was and then said the air temperature was making it really cold, I swung out but didn't hit the bell, I think Martyn managed to hit it which was cool. we passed Funky monkey 2.0 and Andrea decided to head for the finish as she didn't was to get in anymore water which I didn't blame her for that, so I caught up to the others and walked up the hill to Funky monkey, Martyn managed to get all the way across I managed about three rungs before dropping in, Araba was still going and nearly got to the apex but her hand slipped off and she couldn't get hold, which was really unfortunate and I was in total awe of how much further than me that she managed to get. We jogged onto Hero walls and got everyone over and then onto the Devils beard which is the cargo net and is a slight let down like bale bonds. Then down the hill until we hit Everest 2.0 which I got up in one go, with everyone else managing, aside from Merete who gave it four good attempts before bowing out, Andrea A had pulled something in her leg so bypassed which seemed the most sensible option, then up another hill before dropping to Dead ringer, which I didn't manage more than two pegs, although not a legionnaire Araba had a cheeky go and got quite far before we did Electroshock, I don't think I got zapped but ended up on my arse again and crawled through to the finish.

We didn't see Andrea L again for the finisher photo, which was a real shame but we collected our pints and then our legionnaire headbands, everyone seemed to have had a really good day even with the cold air temperature, I was glad I organised the team it was just a shame we all didn't finish togetherm then back for a shower which they were all in use so I decided to skip as I was taking part again tomorrow.