Saturday, 9 August 2014

Mudder 11:Skipton Day 2

Had an nice easy start to the day with a very tasty breakfast courtesy of my wonderful host Jonathan. Then a quick bus trip up to the event site and after getting myself into the 10:40 wave, did the legionnaire adulation thing again.

I had a pain in my right foot from having my laces tied tightly the day before, so I was hoping it wouldn't cause me too many problems running.

I set off at a steady pace and got up to the Glory Blades which I managed without any problems, though I felt tired after getting over them, it was only after having a lovely ice bath that I properly woke up and felt refreshed as it had ice in it this time.

After I started up a hill, there was a really cold wind that started blowing and it chilled me to my core, even the compression vest made little difference, I was hoping it wouldn't be like that for the whole run. I kept plodding on and found that the hills were really physically draining and my legs were incredibly heavy, so I was walking most of them.

There were a few mudslides that seemed to have occurred since the day before, so that was good fun. I needed help again with haha ditch again as it was so deep.

The course wound its way around the grounds with cold rain making a reappearance, though only for a short while. Electric Eel was fun with one person getting zapped a lot of times and I think they mentioned that they'd turned it off, although I'm not sure they actually did.

I managed Island Hopping again, which I was pleased about, as the air temperature was dropping and I really wasn't looking forward to any of the other water obstacles but thankfully they were relatively warm, I only did walk the plank once this time as the cold wind had picked up again and I was starting to not enjoy myself, as it reminded me of London West, from the start of the year.

On the legionnaires loop, I started to yawn as I approached Hangover Walls and after trying to get over the first one when my calf started feeling a bit crampy I was also really tired at the point, so I gave it a miss.

I also decided I would give Electroshock Therapy a miss this time, as I didn't want to use the cold rinse showers given the air was cold & windy and that I was nicely clean from Fire in your hole, another 4 hour finishing time, which I'm quite pleased about given how tiring the course was.

This course is one of the best ones I've ran so far, it uses the landscape to full effect, and really puts the tough into Tough Mudder. I've done the double once and I can check it off my list of things to do, I don't think I'll be doing that again, I would like to do two laps in one day but I think that needs a lot of training to get me round.

Overall a nice weekend running a Tough Mudder on both days and enjoying the company of good friends.