Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Tough Mudder Scotland

After a journey which had me missing my train up to Edinburgh and having to buy a new ticket, I ended up making it to Musselburgh station, which turned out to be a station without any staff and taxis to the venue, I managed to catch a bus after chatting to some locals and hoped that it would take me near to the venue, it took me right to the gate of Dalkeith estate.
The venue was a rather nice estate and grounds with some rolling hills and lovely scenery, they seemed to have the toilets sorted out this time with toilet roll in the portaloos.
I did think about getting the mohawk done but decided against it, as I had a wedding the next day. I got myself changed and joined in the warm up session to get us warmed up for the run, then into the starting area to get psyched up or what was to come, the mudder mantra and safety messages.
We started off at a nice pace avoiding ruts in the ground, before we started hitting the obstacles.
The course had the usual obstacles the xxxx with nothing that I hadn't done before, there was a queue for the human gecko which was due to the slow nature of the obstacle, with around a five minute wait till I got into it, it was slightly more difficult than usual as some of the hand and foot holds were loose but I managed it with no problems.

I was running at a good pace when there was a large group of other runners waiting for what we thought was the next obstacle, we ended up having a fifteen or so minute wait for what turned out to be a part of the course that went down an embankment and under a bridge in ankle deep water, which was a total screw up in terms of the normally good course design.
After this long wait for nothing the rest of the course seemed to go quite smoothly, with no major hold ups with the exception of electroshock therapy which had to be repaired but it wasn't that long a wait.

I managed to make it all the way over the Funky Monkey which I was very pleased with myself and had hoped would stand me in good stead for getting across Island Hopping alas I managed to jump from the edge of the water and manage to land heavily on the solid wooden top of the first island and fall into the water, I knocked myself slightly dizzy and discovered a large gash just under my knee which meant Everest was a little harder than usual and I hobble walked up the hill to Electroshock therapy.

I ran through Electroshock and managed to face plant and crawl from about halfway through, which left me covered in mud.
I got myself showered and discovered that I had no time in which to get back for my train to Edinburgh but I did discover that there was a bus that went directly there from Dalkeith, though sadly I managed to miss my train by five minutes, I did manage to get the next train but it just capped the terrible travelling I had off to a tee.