Monday, 20 August 2012

Last week reviewed

So I'm sitting here on a Monday afternoon, with a smile on my face, I had my weigh in this morning and I had lost six lbs, which I was pretty surprised at, it means I weighed 13st 2lbs (184lbs) I also looked over my diet for the last week and it was certainly a lot better than it had been for the week before. I increased my output and decreased my intake and still managed to enjoy puddings and the Iceland takeaway meal components. I also feel a lot better in myself, happier in general, I suppose writing out my problems as I see them was quite cathartic and forced me to stop coasting and beating myself up, I had a quick check and discovered that the beers, mini rolls, babybels and scone weighed in at a rather shocking 2017 calories and 77g of fat, this was on top of what I'd eaten that day.

I've also avoided having a meal when I've been on my break and having something small like a low fat mousse, or a crispbake, just to alleviate and hunger pangs I've have, as a result I've been able to keep to my daily allowance, I did worry that I might have been under eating by exercising and sticking strictly to my allowance but based on the last couple of days, I seem to have been balancing it out, going over my allowance but still having a reasonable deficit according to the bodybugg.

The moment I finished the last blog post, I decided I would walk to and from Newcastle for cheap cinema Tuesday and saw the Bourne Legacy, which was a pretty good actioner, though it seemed to tail off towards the end , the walking resulted in a small blister on my foot but that's the price of getting fit. I also managed to get to the gym on Wednesday and Thursday, then had my Boxercise and Spinning classes on Saturday.

All in all, I guess you can say, I had a much better week and seem to have reignited my interest in my fitness, this is pretty important since I've signed up for Tough Mudder North West UK in November and I'd like to finish without feeling like I'm going to die.