Saturday, 7 July 2012

Socks well and truly pulled up.

After my last post, I decided that I would stop weighing in, partly because it would probably just upset me and flip some non existent switch in my head that made me say screw it, I don't care about gaining weight and also because I don't want to know if I've gone over the 14 stone mark, since I worked hard to get to that point.

So I decided that I would take a week off measuring what I'm eating and just get back into it, on the following Monday, starting afresh, then weirdly on my day off, I suddenly had the urge to do something a bit healthier, Susan had the idea that we could go to Washington (North East England, the original Washington fact fans) so off we went, to pick up some things Lee needed for his work experience week with the army, when we decided that, we should walk home, so off went, walking and chatting. When we got home Susan had to take Sophie to nursery and I decided to go to the gym, I did a bit of cardio, a few weights and swam a mile, I also decided to get back to properly recording what I was eating on both mfp and the bodybugg site.

It made me realise that, setting a specific day when you're going to start eating properly and exercising more, is counter productive, since you'll justify some chocolate or takeaway binge, with the idea, that you're new healthier eating plan and exercise regime will make those calories simply disappear and they won't have counted in the first place, it also made me realise thaat there really is no time like the present, to make those changes and act on them.

I read on Twitter that someone else was at the same point I was, that they'd slacked with their resolutions and hadn't exercised and eaten badly, which made me feel a little better that I'd done this. So here's to getting over this I say small blip, when it was more like a huge bad choices hill and getting over it, took longer than it should have, I can see why people end up quitting eating well and go back to their old habits, its far easier to eat any old crap, than pick carefully and be mindful of what's going in your mouth.

So, I sit here finishing this post having exercised in some form for the last four days, I also ate a huge piece of cream cake with my evening meal, so I guess it all evens out, so onto next week and my Monday weigh in, where I'm hoping that I'll not be over the 14 stone mark, though if I am, I'll take it in my stride and get back to proper exercise and eating less rubbish.