Friday, 29 June 2012

Into the seventh month of better me (original post)

This blog post is essentially a past tense entry, that was written but then it all started to go wrong, so please see the proper 6 months gone post I wrote.

Its been a whole six months, since I knuckled down and decided to make changes to my lifestyle, so that I would enter my 37th year, fitter than I had been entering my 36th. The change in my physical appearance has been astounding, I can look down and no longer see a protruding gut, I fit into trousers that I've not worn in years, I'm even in a size that I've not fit into in about 20 years. There are some downsides to no longer carrying extra layers of fat, in that I can feel my spine on the floor whenever I do sit ups, which is pretty uncomfortable and I'm actually feeling quite cold when the air temperature drops a few degrees, with my insulation gone.

I'm still sticking to most of my resolutions that I made at the beginning of the year, although I've had chocolate since easter, they have been  small amounts on Weight Watchers, bars and the occasional small twix, its a definite change from the amounts I used to eat, I've also not had any alcohol at all, which has now been more of a not wanting to do a fitness class on a Saturday morning with a hangover and the calories that some drinks contain, just seem to make it not worth using my daily allowance, for drinking. Though I think I'm past the smug part of telling people I'm not drinking.

I've definitely been blogging a lot more but these seem to be more of things, I've encountered whilst I've been getting fitter be they strange notions people have, or the way other fitness people can have fixed ideas about the status quo and what people should be doing. In regards to films, I'm making great use of the cinema in Newcastle, that has a £3.50 ticket price on a Tuesday. I'm not really getting any earlier nights but I am avoiding going to bed at 3 in the morning, which is a big change.

I have been getting back into swimming, which is brilliant for the simple fact that, I'm gaining a lot more calories than most of the other exercises and its relatively easy to do, although I'm finding that the second mile is pretty hard going, seeing the amount of calories burned when I put the exercise into MyFitnessPal, makes it so very worth it. The only downside is trying to find a relatively quiet time, that's free of people getting in each others way.