Sunday, 22 April 2012

What do you mean I shouldn't do that.

Since I've joined Fitocracy, I've seen some many positive stories and pictures of people losing weight and getting fitter/stronger, there are also a number of stories where people have had bad experiences with other users of the gym they attend. Most stories seem to be of the annoying people who go to my gym, or these total fools were trying to lift something extra heavy but they were lifting it improperly, so will do themselves a permanent injury.

There are a few that have really annoyed me and those are the ones where the member is a Woman and they've had some total misogynist clown, point them in the direction of the cardio machines and away from the free weight/resistance machines, or commenting on how they won't be able to do a certain exercise, like pull ups because they're a bit overweight. This is massively shitty behaviour, having seen some of the workouts people have posted I'm constantly surprised at the number of Women posting lifts they've done that I can't do yet.

So when some insecure Man makes a dumb comment, it really annoys me, they are judging a book by its cover, they have no idea what anyone can do, so why make comments like that, my guess would be they are either scared that they might be shown up by 'the weaker sex' or because they seem to think that Women shouldn't be in their space, touching their weights, either way this is the kind of thinking belongs in the Victorian era.

It doesn't matter what kind of exercise that anyone does to get themselves fitter, these days there should be no, Men or Women specific exercises, hell the only thing that Women can do that Men can't is actually give birth, though in the case of Trans people that line is being blurred. So in the spirit of no specific fitness classes, I'm going to give Pilates a try because I hear its a killer set of exercises.

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